Thanks for the butthurt.
Hello, Card! :D

Hello there!

You remember that dude, Pollux?

Well, he’s my bro. (Not by blood)

So, he handed this whole shindig over to me, mostly because I’ve done quite a bit of opinion discussion myself over on Hompregstuck and I promised to perform many sexual favors for him. The real kinky stuff.

So, here’s what I was thinking of doing with the blog.

Let’s make it more community oriented.

See an opinion that you have a qualm with?

Take that shit, do some commentary on it, and submit it to me.

I’ll go through and decide whether or not it makes the cut.

That’s pretty much it.

Oh, and by the way, you guys can call me Card.

My friend and I are interested in becoming the new mods for this blog!! However, she's without power for an indeterminate amount of time due to Superstorm Sandy, and neither of us have any kind of reference of UHSO things we've argued. Would it still be possible for us to get the position?

Hmm, I’d really prefer if I had something to go off of here, perhaps you could write an argument up and send it in, just so I know what I’m working with? 

I’ll be sitting on this for a few more days, so you don’t have to worry that much, I’d just really like to see your arguing skills before I pass the blog on.

can i just say that pollux and card is my otp <333333333333333

Before I leave I really need to appreciate this. 

Me and Card were being shipped again.

As it should be. 

Sorry guys

Looks like this is the end for me. To be honest, it was fun while it lasted, but now the job is just making me angry. 

And that’s why I’m looking to pass the torch. 

If you want the blog then send me a message, maybe point to some UHSO stuff you argued and if I like it enough then you inherit it. 

If not I guess it will probably die here. 

Either way, I had a blast, guys. -Pollux

Just a heads up

Don’t worry, the blog isn’t dead. I fully intend to pick it back up soon, however dealing with UHSO every day is pretty damn draining and the mound of asks in my box is hella intimidating, so I have been taking an unannounced break. I’ve got quite a few posts that I really want to tear down so I may jump back into the swing of things, or I may keep them on the backburner for a little longer, but don’t worry, I will return soon. 

Hypothetically speaking, let's say you decide to find more mods for this blog, and let's also say that I was one of them... What exactly would I do to help?

I would probably want someone to help me fill up the queue from time to time, and answer asks so that they stop piling up into the 50s-80s. 

The only issue is that I did not make this a sideblog. -Pollux

tellittoreadersdigest replied to your post: I’m pondering the idea of getting a few more mods,…

time to research mythological trinities for aliases?

I was probably going to let anyone new that I pick chose from one of the stars in the same constellation.

There is Alhena, Wasat, Mekbuda, Alzirr, Propus, and a few others though these are what I remember. 

 ghostiesprite replied to your postI’m pondering the idea of getting a few more mods,…

if you are i would be open to trying!! long winded rants are a bit of a forte.

I am going to think over just what I want to ask for so I can figure who I want to take onto the blog. Probably a very short app with a sample of an argument, contact info, and a heads up on how often you’re on. I’ll throw a heads up on a new post, possibly tomorrow. -Pollux

I’m pondering the idea of getting a few more mods, as this is growing a little overwhelming at the moment. -Pollux

Okay, I’m tired and full of pancakes guys. That’s all for today. -Pollux